We are Satellite Studio 🛰

A small team of designers and builders orbiting a planet’s worth of data.

We do storytelling, data visualization and maps. We put our skills at the service of art, science comms, culture, journalism, environment, public entities, nonprofits and responsible companies.

We are design-driven and see technology merely as a tool. We borrow from video games and advertising to make data spectacular and immersive.

We believe that a simple 30-seconds experience can have more impact than the most complex of dashboards. For us, big data should never be the final product, we make good use of it to create meaning and emotion.

We are a small and efficient team made of experienced, multidisciplinary people.
We take pride in building few, small and impactful projects. We are all equal partners so we all share 100% commitment and passion.

How could we work together?
You have data. You have ideas.
Get in touch with us and let’s work on something extraordinary together: a data visualisation, an interactive map or visual essay, a VR or AR experience, an interactive installation...

✉️ Get in touch!

Yours truly,

Juan Carlos Alonso
Associate, UX & design, Chief Vexillology Officer

Jose Angel Parreño
Associate, Devops & Frontend, Water Activities Department Lead

Erik Escoffier
Associate, UX & GIS & Frontend, Chernoff Faces Board Director